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by Abigail Van Buren

Bible Study Instructor Wanders Too Far Off Subject

DEAR ABBY: I attend a Bible study. The man who teaches it is very gifted, but he spends more and more time on anecdotal stories about his past in the business world. Some of us drive long distances to his class. When we broached the subject, he got an attitude. He told us to "suck it up and get used to it," which, needless to say, rudely closed the door on the conversation.

How can we get across to him that we love his Bible teaching, but we don't want to hear all his backstory stuff, especially since many of us have heard these stories over and over? -- LOVES THE GOOD BOOK

DEAR LOVES: What this teacher has told you is that he has no intention of changing his routine. Because his patter doesn't entertain you and interferes with your enlightenment, as well as other members of the class, let those who are willing to tolerate his blather continue his Bible study and business course, while the rest of you move forward with another, less egotistical instructor.

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