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by Abigail Van Buren

Two Men Pull at Woman's Heart

DEAR ABBY: I am torn between two guys. I have known the first guy for a year, and we had some ups and downs. Six months ago he had a heart attack, but he pulled through, thank God. But since then, things have been very hard. Our relationship went sour and we broke up.

I met the second guy online a month ago. He seems very sweet and down to earth and treats me like a princess. The first guy and I ended up talking again, and the problem is, I'm still in love with him. I think both of them are wonderful and I don't know what decision to make. Please help me. -- CHOICES, CHOICES IN DELAWARE

DEAR CHOICES: Before making any decision, it's important you fully understand why your relationship with Guy No. 1 went sour after his heart attack. Could it be related to his near-death experience? You need to have all the facts before jumping back into a romance with him.

You haven't known Guy No. 2 long enough to really know who he is yet. Do not pull the plug on this one until you have more answers than you were able to put in your letter to me.

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