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by Abigail Van Buren

Friend Disconnects From Social Media in Response to Bullying Behavior

DEAR ABBY: My friend "Gina" and I have known each other for many years. The other day she got into a heated discussion on Facebook with several other people we've known for years. It was about politics. When I read her post, I was shocked. She belittled and bullied those who didn't share her opinion. I have since deleted my FB account because I don't want to see such hatred. What do I tell her when she asks why I'm no longer on social media? -- SOCIAL MEDIA DISTANCED

DEAR SOCIAL: Tell Gina the truth. Say you deleted your account because you were shocked when you saw people with differing political opinions being bullied and demeaned, which you found shocking and offensive. If she's foolish enough to push you for more detail, tell her how her post affected you. It's shameful that adults in this day and age cannot calmly discuss their differences without resorting to those tactics.

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