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by Abigail Van Buren

Stay-at-Home Mom Craves Alone Time With Husband

DEAR ABBY: I'm a stay-at-home mother. My husband works Monday to Friday, 10 hours a day. We have been married nearly four years. My problem is we never have alone time. I feel if it continues, we will just fall apart.

On weekends, we sit home, and it's claustrophobic. We have only one vehicle, which he needs to use, so during the week, I'm stuck at home. Being home 24/7 is driving me nuts. We never get out and have family time or a date night. I tell him we need it, but he doesn't seem to care. Could you guide me on what to do? -- IN NEED OF COUPLES' TIME

DEAR IN NEED: Stop telling your husband "we" need a date night and say instead, "I need this! If you want our marriage to survive, you will take me out of here so we can spend time without the kid (or kids) because I feel like I'm going nuts."

A date night every few weeks or once a month isn't too much to ask for. If he is worried about the expense, make sure he knows a hamburger, a sandwich, a drive alone with him is what you need. But if he still doesn't seem to care, then your problem is greater than cabin fever.

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