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by Abigail Van Buren

College Reunion Brings Thoughts of Old Times

DEAR ABBY: I have stayed in contact with my college friends, but sad to say, many of my fellow students are now gone for good. I went to a reunion and met classmates I was close to back in the 1960s. How circumstances and personalities have changed.

Do you believe that once a person makes a move, either out of school or a job, that it's all over? You can't go back and relive old times, and if you return to the community, it isn't the same as if you never left? -- SENTIMENTAL IN SAN FRANCISCO

DEAR SENTIMENTAL: Time marches on, and people often grow and change as they mature. Some -- not all -- people maintain childhood and college friendships into their senior years. But geographical distance can cause those ties to loosen. Although we can't relive the old times, we can reminisce. But as the old saying goes, we can't go home again.

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