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by Abigail Van Buren

Daughter Refuses To Accept New Woman in Dad's Life

DEAR ABBY: My situation concerns my significant other's 18-year-old daughter. I have been dating (now living with) "Frank" for two years. I have been a big help to him. With a healthy diet and loving care, I have helped him to lose more than 50 pounds, which got him off insulin that we were paying $250 every 10 days for.

I have always been nice to his daughter, "Franny," on the rare occasions I have been around her. I wasn't in the picture when her parents divorced. Frank's family, i.e. sister and son, have accepted me, and his sister tells me often how much she loves me and appreciates all I have done for her brother.

Franny, on the other hand, refuses to visit him or even call him "unless he gets rid of me." He loves me, but I worry this is breaking his heart. He naturally loves his daughter.

The reason she says she hates me is, I'm older than he is -- actually, quite a bit older. Should I approach her to talk about it, or should I just leave things as they are? -- "OLD" GAL IN THE SOUTH

DEAR GAL: You are not responsible for Frank's pain or his daughter's attempts at emotional blackmail. Leave things as they are. The person to talk some sense into Franny is her father, not you.

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