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by Abigail Van Buren

Both Fiancee and Ring Have Disappeared From Man's Life

DEAR ABBY: Five months ago, after eight years, my fiancee terminated our relationship. I still have very strong feelings for her, although she ghosted me and won't communicate with me.

We agreed from the outset that should the relationship end, the ring (or value thereof) would be returned to me. I have sent numerous emails and text messages and have received no response. Her explanation for her silence for 22 days -- just before she broke up with me over the phone -- was because I "gave her an ultimatum."

She had selected the ring and told me repeatedly how much she loved it. Do you think she's still "in love" with me and that's why she refuses to return the ring? -- DUMPED WITHOUT RING

DEAR DUMPED: No, I think she is still in love with the ring, which is why she refuses to return it. Because your former fiancee has chosen to keep it rather than abide by the rules of etiquette or your verbal agreement, it's time to consult a lawyer. If you want that ring back (or the value thereof), you may have to take her to court to get it. Be glad you are rid of her, even if it wasn't your idea.

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