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by Abigail Van Buren

Mom Opposes Plan to Decorate With Deer Head

DEAR ABBY: My daughter just informed me that she will be hanging a deer head in their living room. Her live-in boyfriend loves to hunt, and she is doing this for him. Just thinking about it makes me physically ill. My thoughts turn to a dying animal who is suffering.

My husband and I gave my daughter $12,000 to buy this home. I want her to rethink her decision based on the fact that this disturbs me, not that I'm trying to push her around because we gave her this money. I know she will take it personally and be upset at me. Help! -- UNEASY IN OREGON

DEAR UNEASY: I think we both know your daughter is an adult and entitled to make that decision without worrying that her fella's hobby bothers you. We don't have to like it or approve. Because what's upsetting you is the idea that the deer suffered, ask your daughter (or him) how many shots it took to take the creature down. If it was more than one, you might be happier entertaining them in your home.

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