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by Abigail Van Buren

Man Pines for Wife Who Left Without Giving an Explanation

DEAR ABBY: My wife left me a little over two years ago, and I can't seem to get over it. All she said was that we had an "emotional disconnect." I don't believe she was unfaithful.

All I can think about is being with her, and I cringe if I think about her being with someone else. I'm a professional with a good career and pension, and I have been approached by some nice women who would like to date. How can I get over my feelings for my ex? -- LONELY IN THE PLAINS

DEAR LONELY: Have you been getting out and participating in leisure activities since your wife left? That would be one way to get your mind off her because sitting around thinking about her is counterproductive.

Your ex should have been more specific about why she left. Understanding would have helped you start to really heal. Because it has been two years and you haven't been able to work this out, please talk with a licensed psychotherapist. Your physician or your health insurance provider can give you the names of qualified professionals. Please don't wait to ask.

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