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by Abigail Van Buren

Swim Trunks Are Everyday Attire for Man Beating the Heat

DEAR ABBY: I've gotten into wearing swim trunks in the summer as normal attire. They're good for the hot streets, and no one has said anything. I pair them with a white T-shirt or no shirt. I plan to do it again this summer. What do you think? -- COOL DUDE IN PENNSYLVANIA

DEAR DUDE: If you're in great shape and the neighbors aren't scandalized, then what I think doesn't matter. (Swim) suit yourself.

I will, however, offer this: A wise woman once advised me to always look my best when I went out because invariably, if I didn't, I'd encounter someone I wished I looked better for and regret that I hadn't made more effort. And you know what? She was spot on.

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