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by Abigail Van Buren

Unhappy Husband Jumps From Frying Pan Into Fire

DEAR ABBY: I went through an ugly divorce. My second wife, "Marci," is a liar, a cheat and a thief. She claims she's religious, but she gambles. She opens bank accounts that I'm not aware of. She tries to justify what she has done, but she calls constantly if I leave the house. She claims she's jealous. I think it's more of a control issue, and I leave for peace of mind.

Recently, her relatives asked for a private meeting to discuss her behavior and shared what I feared. Afterward, I called her supposed ex-husband and he told me they are still married. When I asked Marci to show me her divorce papers, she refused. I have talked with my pastor and attorney. They said give her six weeks and then move on. What do you suggest? -- TAKEN FOR A FOOL IN ALABAMA

DEAR TAKEN: Listen to these two unbiased advisers! Secure any property or information Marci might use to take further advantage of you, and take comfort in the fact that because you are not legally married, you are not responsible for any debts she has or will run up. Understand that Marci is a con artist, and please do exactly what your pastor and your attorney have instructed. If she keeps calling, block her or change your phone number. And if she stalks you -- and she may -- talk to the police.

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