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by Abigail Van Buren

Differing Appetites Cause Disruption in Business Trip

DEAR ABBY: I went out of town on a business trip with two co-workers (both females), and the trip was a success. We got along great and accomplished all of the goals we set for ourselves during our stay.

During the few outings we had off company time, however, there were moments when we all wanted to link up and do everything together but our stomachs disagreed. If I wanted to go to breakfast at 8 a.m., someone would want to go at 11 a.m., or another co-worker wouldn't want to go at all. Another example is, we would plan dinners (after touring the city all day) at a certain time, but it was so late my stomach would growl loudly.

I understand that flexibility is key, but my metabolism works overtime compared to theirs. How do I go about venturing off on my own for food without coming across as rude or looking like I'm not a team player? -- HUNGRY MAN IN NEW YORK

DEAR HUNGRY MAN: Explain it to your co-workers as you have to me. If your body is signaling that you must eat something NOW, you need to do it -- if only enough to take the edge off your hunger. To do that isn't rude. Taking care of yourself is important, and it doesn't mean you aren't a team player. Perhaps you should carry something with you to tide you over from meal to meal.

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