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by Abigail Van Buren

Burger Attracts Unwanted Attention From Food Photographers

DEAR ABBY: Today I was in a small neighborhood restaurant with a friend. I ordered a special burger. When the cook brought it to the table, my friend immediately pulled out her camera and snapped several shots. A stranger who had been sitting at the bar jumped off his stool and came over to our table with his camera. I'm not sure how many photos of my meal were taken before I was able to start eating. My friend was logging onto Facebook to post before I took my first bite. I was dumbfounded. What can be said to people who are this rude? -- GET IT WHILE IT'S HOT

DEAR GET IT: What can be said? Plenty -- starting with, "Knock it off!" or "I don't like that!" Talk about an invasion of privacy as well as personal space. I don't blame you for feeling invaded.

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