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by Abigail Van Buren

Revenge on Cheating Fiance Is Delivered on Wedding Day

DEAR ABBY: This is an open letter to all those women who write to you knowing their men cheated on them and then ask, "Should I marry him?" In their hearts they already know the answer; they just want you to tell them "NO!"

My mother saw my fiance's car around town, parked at various churches and parking lots. He parked there so I wouldn't see his car at "the other woman's" house. Well, I showed up unexpectedly at his place one night and saw them both asleep in his bed. In a way, I felt relieved.

I knew I had to do something. I immediately canceled everything, but had the wedding invitations printed and gave them to his mom and sister to send out "right away." When the big day arrived, I sat across the street in Dad's car with my mom, watching as only HIS side of the family showed up at the vacant church. The note on the door read: "Stay with 'Jazmine.' You two deserve each other! Now tell your family what you did."

I explained everything to my parents an hour later over dinner at the restaurant where we were supposed to have had our reception. We were all relieved the wedding was canceled. We laughed so much, and we reviewed all the signs that my mom tried to show me that I had ignored.

So don't get mad, ladies. Do what I did -- dry your tears and get even. -- NEVER LOOKED BACK

DEAR NEVER: Love is blind, and you should have listened to your mother. You're lucky you found out in time and didn't marry your faithless fiance. While I don't normally recommend revenge, I think in this case, the man had it coming.

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