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by Abigail Van Buren

Rumors Fly About Daughter's Longtime Boyfriend

DEAR ABBY: My daughter "Frances" is currently applying for graduate school and is dating a man who works in human waste management. She lives in the dorms at school. Her brother "Harry" was at a party recently, and a young lady told him the "poop pumper" has been trying to get some alone time with her. I feel I should tell Frances that her guy is on the prowl. They have been dating since Frances was 16, and my wife and I have always thought she could do better. Should we tell her? -- HOLDING MY NOSE IN OHIO

DEAR HOLDING: No, Harry should tell his sister about the person he met at the party and exactly what he was told. Coming from her brother it will sound less like "I told you so." As to your comment that Frances "could do better," if you're referring to the boyfriend's chosen field, be aware that people in waste management can earn a very good living doing a very important job.

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