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by Abigail Van Buren

Text Responses From Teens Leave Grandma's Plans Up in the Air

DEAR ABBY: My two grandchildren, 12 and 16, used to spend a lot of time with my husband and me, staying overnight, going on trips, etc. As they have gotten older, I recognize that they will naturally want to spend less time with us old folks.

My problem is, when I send them texts to invite them for lunch or out somewhere for the day, they don't respond or just respond with an IDK (I don't know). My question: Should I ask again to get an answer before the scheduled lunch or trip, or should I just forget it and assume they don't want to be involved with us? -- SAD MEMAW IN FLORIDA

DEAR SAD: You have asked an intelligent question, but you are asking the wrong person. The people you should be asking are your grandchildren, and when you do, it should be face-to-face.

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