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by Abigail Van Buren

'Friends' Refuse To Leave Teen's Home When Asked

DEAR ABBY: On a recent Saturday afternoon, two of my daughter's 13-year-old friends came to our house. My daughter answered the door, and after being denied access, both pushed their way in.

During their stay, the girls were rude and disrespectful, going through the refrigerator and pantry and helping themselves to whatever they wished. My wife and daughter repeatedly asked them to leave, but the girls laughed and ignored the requests.

What do you suggest in an event such as this without getting physical, as my wife didn't have their parents' phone numbers? (I was away on a work trip during all of this.) -- DISRESPECTED IN OUR HOME

DEAR DISRESPECTED: These are "friends"? Your wife should have done what anyone should do when unwanted intruders burst into one's home. She should have called the police, had the girls removed and filed a formal complaint. She should also have reported the incident to the school, gotten the parents' phone numbers and informed them about what occurred so it doesn't happen to her and your daughter or some other family again. And by the way, your daughter should be taught to never open the door unless she wants to let someone in.

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