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by Abigail Van Buren

Thank-Yous Are Missing When Grandkids Receive Valentine Gifts

DEAR ABBY: My daughter expects that her children always receive a "gift" from their four grandparents on Valentine's Day. My wife and I are OK with this, yet WE receive no cards, gifts or phone calls from the grandchildren or our children. Are we old-fashioned, or is my daughter's expectation inappropriate? -- OLD-FASHIONED

DEAR OLD-FASHIONED: Your daughter's expectations are inappropriate. They are also nervy. Your daughter should be teaching her children that exchanging holiday greetings is a reciprocal endeavor. If your daughter doesn't want to buy Valentine cards for her children to give to you, the kids should make them for Grandma and Grandpa. (They would make precious keepsakes, framed individually or as a collage.)

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