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by Abigail Van Buren

Estranged Sister Keeps Cancer Diagnosis From Siblings

DEAR ABBY: My sister, who is estranged from our siblings, has been diagnosed with cancer. The more-than-three-year estrangement wasn't her choice, and she was devastated by it. She has requested that they be kept ignorant about her medical condition. We are all (six of us) in our 60s, and I don't know how much time any of us has left. I would hate for my siblings to regret not having time with her, or to disown me for keeping this secret. Do I betray her trust and tell them? -- SIBLING DILEMMA IN NEVADA

DEAR SIBLING DILEMMA: Do not betray your sister's trust and reveal her diagnosis to the siblings who ostracized her. The news is hers and hers alone to convey. You are assuming they would rush to her side to support her, which isn't necessarily true. This could be detrimental to her recovery, so do not risk it.

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