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by Abigail Van Buren

Bride-To-Be Hopes Uncle Will Walk Her Down the Aisle

DEAR ABBY: My dad passed away 25 years ago when I was barely a teen. My boyfriend proposed in March, and we are planning our nuptials next fall.

As a girl, I dreamed my dad would walk me down the aisle. I would now like my uncle to step in and fill that role. He has a daughter who is older than I am. She has been married for many years. Out of respect, I would like to ask her if she's OK with my asking her father. I'm pretty sure she won't mind, but I feel asking her is the right thing to do. I'm unsure how to go about it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. -- MARRYING IN MAINE

DEAR MARRYING: Congratulations on your forthcoming nuptials. What you are considering is not unusual and, frankly, it's a great compliment to your uncle. I think your idea of running it by your cousin is sensitive as well as prudent. The discussion would be more loving and productive if you conduct it in person or by phone rather than a text or email. I can see no reason why she shouldn't be thrilled for you and her dad.

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