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by Abigail Van Buren

Relationship on the Rocks With Man Who Won't Listen

DEAR ABBY: My man of three years and I are at a crossroads. He has gone from my boyfriend, to fiance, back to boyfriend, to friend, to "I don't know what he is now." He showers me with gifts and material things, which really don't mean a lot to me. I thank him often for the things he does, and I reciprocate them.

What matters more to me are simple gestures like checking to make sure I get home safely, accepting and acknowledging my friends, acknowledging me on Mother's Day, asking how my day was, taking me out from time to time instead of always saying he doesn't want to go.

I have explained to him time and time again how I want to be treated, but it goes in one ear and out the other. I have given him chance after chance to get it right, to no avail. I am tired of this. It's like we're speaking different languages. Is it time for me to move on? -- IMPATIENT IN ALABAMA

DEAR IMPATIENT: Yes, it is. If, after three years, your man still hasn't gotten the message that material things are unimportant to you, and being treated with consideration is paramount, then it isn't going to happen. He isn't the man for you.

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