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by Abigail Van Buren

Friendship Is in Jeopardy After Car Show Brush-Off

DEAR ABBY: I've known my friend "Bob" for many years. We both love cars and have attended car shows together. A few months ago we made tentative plans to attend an upcoming car event together. I texted him as the date neared, but he responded that he might be out of town. When I didn't hear from him again, I assumed he couldn't go.

During a group conversation at a social gathering a few weeks later, I heard Bob say he had attended the event with another friend. I'm certain he didn't forget about our prior conversation. I don't know why he shut me out, but I feel he was dishonest. I have been avoiding him ever since.

Part of me wants Bob to know that I'm aware of what he did. Another part thinks it would be best to leave the subject alone. Either way, I'm inclined to discontinue our friendship. Am I overreacting? -- JADED IN THE WEST

DEAR JADED: Bob may have wanted a change of pace and didn't know how to say it. I can see why you felt hurt. Because you are inclined to end your long friendship with him over this, ask Bob why he handled the situation the way he did. If you do, it may save your relationship.

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