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by Abigail Van Buren

Friend Cringes as Cheating Boyfriend Tries To Win Woman Back

DEAR ABBY: My friend just ended a relationship with her boyfriend of over two years that had progressed to them moving in together. About eight months ago, she found out he was having an online relationship, but they talked it out and decided to give it another try. Now, after learning he has another woman on the line, she kicked him out.

Abby, he is working to get her back, and she seems to want to give him another chance. I think it's a losing game for her and more disappointment down the line. My question is, how honest should I be about my unwillingness to go along with giving him a third chance? It seems like this leopard won't change his spots. -- CRYSTAL BALL IN MISSOURI

DEAR CRYSTAL BALL: If you haven't already expressed your feelings to your friend, and she asks you for your opinion, be fully honest regarding your concerns about her ex-boyfriend's character. I agree that having cheated on her not once but twice, the likelihood of him doing it again is almost guaranteed. That said, you can't live your friend's life for her, and some people are slow to learn.

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