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by Abigail Van Buren

Friend's New Wife Overshares About Couple's Married Life

DEAR ABBY: I am a gay man. A few weeks ago, a neighbor I became close to confided to me that her husband is homophobic. When she said he wasn't comfortable around me, I agreed with her that it was best to give them both space and discontinue our friendship. Then her husband approached me and apologized. He told me he is not homophobic, and he wants to be friends, so I decided to forgive.

Lately, he has been trying to include me in his friend group within the neighborhood. I appreciate it, but part of me in all honesty is a bit afraid. Not knowing what he may have mentioned to his friends and how they may treat me has me worried. Should I try and be friends with them and try to repair the friendship? Or should I let it go? -- OUT AND PROUD IN PENNSYLVANIA

DEAR OUT AND PROUD: I'd hate to see you isolate yourself. Integrating the neighborhood would be beneficial to all. Give it a try, gauge the way these individuals treat you and make your final decision then.