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by Abigail Van Buren

Recent Divorcee Is Surprised by Affair With Younger Man

DEAR ABBY: I never had sex unless I was in love and knew there was a strong possibility of a solid future. Well, I am 51 now and newly single. My divorce was final four months ago, and I am now living in a new state.

I joined one of those hookup sites, found someone and began having sex with him. I nearly backed out and panicked because his profile said he lived 30 minutes away from me, but he was at my house in 10 minutes (!) saying he was visiting a friend in my neighborhood.

He's well-educated, gorgeous, adorable, and I'm having the most amazing, mind-blowing sex of my life. The problem is, I'm falling in love, and he's only 33. I never thought I could go through with a hookup, but I did. I need to end this, but I don't know how. -- TRYING TO END IT IN THE EAST

DEAR TRYING: When people are newly divorced, because the process is often stressful and depressing, they can go on a kind of high when it's final. At some point you will regain your equilibrium, and when you do, you will know how to end it.

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