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by Abigail Van Buren

Neighbor's Car Is Target of Shaming

DEAR ABBY: We recently moved into a condo community of about a hundred units. A few weeks ago, a sign was anonymously posted on a car parked in a neighbor's driveway complaining about the "smell" and "mess" in the car. I removed the sign only to find it replaced the next day. This has happened several times since.

I know nothing about this resident except that his car has not moved from the spot in the driveway. I am appalled by someone's attempt to shame our neighbor. I plan to bring it up at our next association meeting, but is there anything else I can do? -- DISAPPOINTED IN THE EAST

DEAR DISAPPOINTED: There could be reasons why the car in the driveway wasn't moved -- among them illness or an absent homeowner. By all means discuss this at the next homeowners' meeting. And when you bring up the subject, suggest to the board that security cameras be installed for the safety of the residents and their property.

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