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by Abigail Van Buren

Friend Wants to Be Ready When Man Asks for Help

DEAR ABBY: I have been happily married (for the most part) to my husband of 40 years. He is a good husband, provider and father. Only one thing about him really bothers me. When he is telling someone a story, he frequently "embellishes" it and changes it to something that's not actually the truth.

What he says doesn't really matter or hurt anyone, but it still bothers me. It makes me wonder if what he is telling me about something is the correct version or "his" version.

Like I said, it is never anything of importance, so I don't understand why he even does it. I have asked him about it, and he doesn't really explain. Do you have any idea what would make a person do this? -- WIFE IN WONDERLAND

DEAR WIFE: Some people "embellish" to impress or to make themselves look more important, or because they think it will make the story more entertaining or exciting. Not knowing your husband, I can't answer for him. It might help to reassure him that you love him just the way he is, and the truth is always better than fiction.

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