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by Abigail Van Buren

Mom Walks Fine Line Amid Safety and Fear for Daughter

DEAR ABBY: How do I deal with a friend who constantly stays on her cellphone (texting, talking or using video chat) every time we get together? She puts her phone on video chat in the car and talks to some guy (Note: She's already in a relationship.), and in restaurants she keeps her phone on the table and it rings, which is annoying. She also talks on the phone in public places, making others around glance over at her, yet she doesn't turn it off.

She spent the last 40 minutes of a recent 1 1/2-hour bus trip we took, seated next to each other, on her phone. There was a sign nearby that read, "Cellphone use unless in an emergency situation is prohibited," and the passenger in front of us kept turning around to glare at her. She was oblivious! I once told her I don't talk on my phone if I'm with someone. She asked me how I did that and when I shut my phone off, she commented, "I can't do that"! What do I do, Abby? -- OFFENDED IN MASSACHUSETTS

DEAR OFFENDED: Your friend appears to be not only inconsiderate of you and others around her, but also addicted to her cellphone. Allow me to share what I would do: I would spend my time with friends who choose to be fully present when in my company.