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by Abigail Van Buren

Pregnant Friends Share Baby Clothes but not Secrets

DEAR ABBY: I'm in my second trimester and grateful to have wonderful family and friends who are giving us their old baby clothes and toys. One of my friends, "Jenna," is also pregnant. She's still in her first trimester and hasn't told anyone yet.

Our mutual friend "Tisa" just had a baby and is giving me all her baby stuff because she doesn't know Jenna is pregnant. I would like her to share the items with Jenna, but don't know if I should share her secret. Also, because she's in the beginning stages of pregnancy, I'm not sure if Jenna is even planning for the baby's arrival just yet. Should I keep the items and let her know I'll put some aside for her as the months pass? -- THINKING AHEAD

DEAR THINKING AHEAD: Do not betray Jenna's confidence. The announcement of her pregnancy should come from her. However, do tell her you will be receiving a lot of baby clothes from Tisa and offer to share them with her as needed if she wishes.

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