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by Abigail Van Buren

Revelation at Bachelor Party Throws Wedding Into Question

DEAR ABBY: My sister-in-law "June" is being married soon. I will be the matron of honor. My husband, "Jake," June's brother, will be a groomsman for her fiance, "Jimmy." Not only is Jake going to be a groomsman, but he's also supposed to officiate.

Jake went to the bachelor party a couple weeks ago and Jimmy showed all the guys -- including my husband -- eight (!) naked pictures a girl from work had texted him. He asked my husband if he should tell June about it before the wedding or after, and Jake said he should tell her right away.

Should my husband tell June or leave it up to Jimmy, who may or may not do it? (We don't know what his plans may be about the girl who sent the pictures.) -- LOOKING FOR THE RIGHT THING TO DO

DEAR LOOKING: Jimmy may or may not have "plans" for a fling with the woman who texted him the pictures -- or it may have already happened. (He could also be an immature braggart, which is why he shared the photos with the other "stags" at the party.) Because Jake now has concerns about Jimmy's character, he should reiterate to Jimmy that if June isn't told before she makes a lifetime commitment, he will tell her. He should also refuse to officiate at a wedding he fears may be a huge mistake.

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