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by Abigail Van Buren

Parents Unsure How to Begin Having 'The Talk' With Son

DEAR ABBY: My son recently died in an accident. His death was unexpected and shocking, and we are all heartbroken, especially his girlfriend. I know he was having doubts about their relationship because he told me, but she doesn't know.

We have grown very close since the accident. She says things like, "'Danny' and I were meant to be." It makes me think I should tell her the truth. But I'm afraid if I do, it will affect our friendship and break her heart again. What do you think? Should she know or not? -- TREADING LIGHTLY

DEAR TREADING: Please accept my sympathy for the loss of your son. Because the tragedy is recent, I see nothing to be gained by shattering her illusion. If you feel she's isolating herself, remind her that Danny would want her to go on with her life as do you. Assure her you will always be there for her if she needs you.

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