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by Abigail Van Buren

Woman Orders Lunch for Two When Friend Is Footing the Bill

DEAR ABBY: I recently took a friend out to dinner as a thank-you. We are both retired, and she knows my budget is limited. At lunch she ordered a very expensive glass of wine, two full meals, the most expensive dessert on the menu and coffee. I ordered my meal and a glass of water.

Of course, no one could consume that much food for lunch. She left with three bags of leftovers, and I was left with an extremely large bill and a bad taste in my mouth. Is it just me or do you agree this is bad manners? If I truly thought she needed this food to get through the week, there'd be no problem. But this person is wealthy. -- TICKED OFF IN TEXAS

DEAR TICKED OFF: Your wealthy acquaintance took advantage of you. What happened proves the truth of the adage that because people have money doesn't guarantee they have class. The next time she does you a favor and you want to repay her, buy her a nice card. And if you have a meal together, ask for separate checks.

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