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Friend Gets Huffy When Kids Interrupt Her Phone Calls

DEAR ABBY: I have a friend who calls 20 times a day. If one of my kids asks me something and I ask her to hang on while I respond, she hangs up on me. We have had a falling-out over this more than once.

I think it's rude of her to just hang up. I feel it would be different if she called only a few times a week for a few minutes, but that's not the case. She feels I am being rude to ask her to hang on, and that my kids should either wait until we are finished or go on about their business and come back to talk to me later. However, they can't always do that. They try really hard not to interrupt, but sometimes they just have to because of time. Am I wrong to be upset? -- HOLD ON JUST A MINUTE

DEAR HOLD ON: No, you are not wrong. Your children are trying to be cooperative and respectful. It is your friend who is being unreasonable. Your children should come first, and if the woman can't understand that, perhaps you should cultivate friends who are more tolerant and less chatty (20 times a day!).

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