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by Abigail Van Buren

Woman Gives Wife Cold Shoulder While Husband Gets Warm Hello

DEAR ABBY: I live in an over-55 community in Florida. A woman I'll call Betty totally ignores me when I pass her on the street or in the clubhouse. If we're at a luncheon together, she won't acknowledge me. Yet, when she sees my husband, she'll kiss him hello (on the cheek) and he'll respond warmly.

I have talked to my husband about how Betty treats me and asked him to back off from her. I'm not suggesting he ignore her, but it isn't necessary to kiss her. He obviously likes the attention she gives him and the flirting. He has told me I'm being juvenile and, frankly, I'm annoyed. Should I be? (By the way, Betty is married and flirts with my husband only when her husband is not around. She doesn't do this with any other man.) -- PUT OFF IN PALM BEACH

DEAR PUT OFF: Face it. You and Betty are never going to be buddies. The next time you see this classless individual, tell her that if she wants to show affection, she should do it with her own husband, not yours. And if she ignores your request, tell her again -- this time in the clubhouse, loudly.

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