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by Abigail Van Buren

'No' Is Husband's Go-To Answer

DEAR ABBY: What does it mean when your husband answers everything with "no"? For example, if I ask, "Are you watching 'This Old House'?" he says, "No, I'm watching 'This Old House.'" If I ask, "Do you want to eat dinner at 6?" he replies, "No, how about we eat around 6?" It's driving me nuts, and he doesn't even realize he does it. This happens almost every time I ask a question. Do you have any insight into this phenomenon? -- TALKED OUT IN TEXAS

DEAR TALKED OUT: Your husband may be joking with you or not paying close attention when you ask him a question. I assume that you have told him how much this bothers you. (If you haven't, you should.) However, if it continues, stop asking and TELL him what time dinner will be ready, and reframe the way you ask your questions. (Instead of asking if he's watching "This Old House" say, "What are you watching, Honey?")

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