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Families Both Want to Pay Bigger Share of Vacation Rental

DEAR ABBY: My family and I are set to take a weeklong vacation with another family this summer. We will be renting a house. What is the appropriate split for the rental fee? My wife and I have four children; the other couple has two. All of the children are under the age of 8.

I think my wife and I should pay more because our family is larger. My wife agrees, but isn't sure what the split should be. The other couple wants to pay 50/50, saying the children are so little they shouldn't be considered in the cost of the trip. I think an appropriate compromise would be for each family to pay half the rental, but my wife and I pay for all of the food. What do you think? -- HAPPY PROBLEM

DEAR HAPPY PROBLEM: I think it would be appropriate to offer a split of 60/40. That way you would be paying a little bit extra. However, if they still prefer splitting it in half, you should agree rather than argue.

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