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by Abigail Van Buren

Man's Fashion Statement Puts Health Before Good Looks

DEAR ABBY: Some time ago, my husband developed a foot condition and was advised by his physician to wear white socks. The condition has subsided, but he insists on wearing white socks as a preventative measure because the condition was painful. Regardless of how he dresses, he wears them, and has been questioned about it when he wears a dark suit. Is it acceptable for him to attempt to prevent a recurrence of an uncomfortable ailment? Or should he follow the protocol of dress? -- PRACTICAL OR FASHIONABLE?

DEAR P OR F: It seems to me that your husband has a solid medical reason for wearing the socks he chooses. Suggest that he buy some short white socks, and when "protocol" requires it, wear dark socks over them. However, if he refuses, then protocol be darned. (Like the socks!)

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