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by Abigail Van Buren

Going to Prom Alone Leaves Teen Odd Girl Out at Table

DEAR ABBY: My partner is addicted to the phone. One day last week she spent seven hours talking to friends. There is one friend in particular she spends upwards of two hours a day talking to. On weekends they often talk three times in one day.

This happens hour after hour, and her friend loves to call at 6 in the evening, meaning we often don't eat until well after 7. Last week I clocked her at 16 hours on the phone with just this one woman. Do I have a problem here? Or does she? -- CALLING OUT IN FLORIDA

DEAR CALLING: You both have a problem. Hers is her addiction to her phone. Yours is the inability to convey to her that what she's doing deprives you of sharing dinners together on a regular schedule, and robs you of time that could be spent communicating with each other. And that presents a danger to your relationship.

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