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by Abigail Van Buren

Sister Suspects Fiance Caught Flirting Has Much More to Hide

DEAR ABBY: My youngest sister started dating a man and they quickly moved in together. Six months into their relationship she got pregnant and they got engaged. Their wedding is planned for this summer.

Recently she discovered he has been video-chatting with someone he met online. He admitted to flirting, apologized and promised that was the end of it. I have a strong suspicion that there have been other "situations" my sister is unaware of.

Should I express my concerns to her and suggest postponing the wedding? Or should I keep my gut feelings to myself? I'm afraid she will get married and then find out what's really going on. -- BIG SISTER IN MASSACHUSETTS

DEAR BIG SISTER: Be honest with your sister. Although I suspect that your gut feelings are accurate, whether she will believe it is debatable, but at least she will have been warned. If she does decide to stay with him, refrain from any "I told you so's." Recognize that whether she marries her fiance or not, she will forever be linked with him because of the baby.

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