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by Abigail Van Buren

Couple Faces Off Over a Stick of Butter

DEAR ABBY: I feel petty complaining about this, but my wife has a habit I can't stand. We keep a stick of butter on a butter dish and replace it when it's used up. However, when my wife uses it, instead of cutting off thin slices, she scrapes her knife across the entire top of the butter cube, gradually whittling it down. Not only do I find it unsightly, but I also think it's unsanitary.

Needless to say, when I've mentioned it to her, she has strongly disagreed. I'm reluctant to bring it up anymore as it is settled, in her mind. I have tried using a different stick of butter, which I keep in the refrigerator and unwrap every time I want to use it, but she criticizes me for it, saying we shouldn't have two sticks in use at the same time.

I suppose there's an upside -- I'm using less butter, which my doctor approves of. What do you think about this habit of hers? -- BUTTER WARS IN CALIFORNIA

DEAR BUTTER WARS: It seems there is a power struggle going on between your wife and you. Because you have expressed to her more than once that you find what she's doing unappetizing, she should respect your wishes. However, if she continues, she should look the other way when you use your own butter stick.

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