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by Abigail Van Buren

Mutual Friend Spills the Beans About Long-Awaited Pregnancy

DEAR ABBY: After a long period of infertility, a dear friend of mine found out she is expecting. Unfortunately, a mutual friend at work stole her thunder and told me about the pregnancy before she had a chance to tell me herself. While I'm pleased to hear that she's pregnant, I'm also a bit upset that because I already know, I can no longer give her a genuine reaction consisting of love, shock and excitement when she tells me face-to-face. Of course I will still express how happy I am, but should I let her know I was already informed? -- ALREADY KNOW IN THE SOUTH

DEAR ALREADY KNOW: By all means tell your friend how happy you are for her and that you know how long she has wanted this. Express to her how exciting the news is, but do NOT tell her you already heard it from a co-worker.

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