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by Abigail Van Buren

Man's Health Becomes Topic of Neighborhood Gossip

DEAR ABBY: I live in a neighborhood with nosy neighbors who like to gossip. My wife and I are private people and keep our business to ourselves. There is one person, a man who recently moved here, whom I consider to be my only good friend.

The other day my friend showed me a text he had received from another one of my neighbors -- a doctor -- asking him if I had a certain medical condition. My friend responded by saying that the topic had not been discussed. I find the inquiry to be inappropriate. It's really none of his business. I also believe my neighbor the doctor showed a lack of character and poor judgment. I value your input. Are my feelings out of line? -- TICKED OFF IN TAMPA

DEAR TICKED OFF: Your feelings are not out of line. If the doctor is truly concerned about your well-being and not neighborhood gossip, he should have asked you that question directly.

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