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by Abigail Van Buren

Loner in Love Has Second Thoughts About Marriage

DEAR ABBY: I am divorced and live alone, which I enjoy. I'm a homebody -- I work and come home.

I dated a woman many years ago and we have reunited. I'm very much in love with her. She has family not far from here, and if I marry her, I know I'm going to be inundated with visits from them on a regular basis. Problem is, I love my privacy. I'm getting cold feet because of this. I have lived the way I do for a long time and I'm happy with it. -- COLD FEET IN THE SOUTH

DEAR COLD FEET: Have you talked to this lady about your concerns? If you haven't, it's time, because it's entirely possible that she loves her family as much as you love your privacy and won't want to be isolated from them. In a situation like yours, if there is no compelling reason to tie the knot, perhaps you should agree to leave the arrangement the way it is.

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