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by Abigail Van Buren

Woman Hopes Friend in England Will Offer Her Room When She Visits

DEAR ABBY: I am planning a trip to visit my friend in England. I studied abroad two years ago, and I'm excited to go back to my old stomping grounds and reminisce.

I got very close to this friend while I was there, and we talk on Facebook every so often. Obviously, because of the distance, we aren't best friends, but we still consider ourselves "trans-Atlantic sisters."

I'm on a pretty tight budget and want to start planning for expenses. Would it be rude to ask her if I can stay with her? Or should I just ask for suggestions on places to stay and see if she offers? -- TRAVELER IN TEXAS

DEAR TRAVELER: While it wouldn't be rude to ask, I vote for the latter option and see if she suggests it. (She probably will.)

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