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by Abigail Van Buren

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DEAR ABBY: My husband and my best friend, "Bridget," do not get along. They remain civil most of the time, but one thing is threatening to ruin the peace.

When Bridget visits, she likes to bring along little toys and treats for my cats. That's fine, but she also opens bags of loose catnip and sprinkles it throughout the house. My husband hates it because the catnip gets everywhere, and it's a chore to clean up. When he politely asked Bridget to stop, she told him to "stuff it" and said the cats like it.

She continues to do it every time she comes over, and my husband has grown more and more upset. I'm not sure how to mediate this. What can I do? -- CAT-ASTROPHE IN ATLANTA

DEAR CAT-ASTROPHE: At this point, Bridget isn't bringing the catnip over because she thinks your cats like it. She's doing it to antagonize your husband. If you continue allowing her to do this, it could affect your relationship with your husband, so if you're smart, you will back him up and tell her to cut it out. (Meow!)