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by Abigail Van Buren

Man Plans to Give Girlfriend a Ring Without a Proposal

DEAR ABBY: My girlfriend, "Jane," and I have been in love for three years. We're both in our 30s. Jane and her daughter have lived with me long enough to know that I want to be a part of -- and contribute to -- the rest of their lives. Jane knows I never want to be married, but that I am committed to her. I know how to make sure she is taken care of in the event that I pass away, and I'm in the process of making that a reality.

I would like to give her a special diamond. Is there a way to give her the moment she deserves without asking her to marry me? -- SHE DESERVES BETTER

DEAR SHE DESERVES BETTER: I doubt it. If Jane would like to be married and is open about your relationship, don't be surprised if she tells you she would rather have a proposal and a wedding than a diamond and a legal document.

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