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by Abigail Van Buren

Retired Grandma Is Ready to Take It Easy

DEAR ABBY: I am not one of those fit, active, socially involved and sexy senior citizens. I had a hard childhood, was a busy wife and mother and, for decades, worked at jobs I hated. I spent years longing for the day when I could retire and read, read, read without feeling guilty about taking time for myself.

Now that I'm retired, my baby boomer cohort seems to feel we seniors should all be wonder women and men. Worse, my millennial children seem to agree. Is there a succinct and polite way to tell them all to go take a flying leap? I'm perfectly OK with being fat, happy and a source of entertainment for my grandchildren, who are -- fortunately -- too small to be judgmental. -- OLD-FASHIONED IN OHIO

DEAR OLD-FASHIONED: Those who appear to be nagging you are well-intentioned and concerned about you. So be polite and smile when you respond that you know they mean well, but you have worked long and hard to finally be able to do exactly what you want to do -- which is nothing but read, read, read and enjoy your grandchildren.

That said, a person does not have to be Wonder Woman or Superman to devote half an hour five days a week to her or his health by walking. You could listen to an audiobook while you do it. In addition, you could also do something fun with your grandkids that incorporates a little bit of movement for all of you. Just sayin'.

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