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Random Act of Kindness Brightens Friends' Outing

DEAR ABBY: A dear friend and I decided to visit our old friend, "Carol," who has been in an assisted living facility for a year. Carol has some dementia, but we took her -- arm in arm -- to a pizza restaurant at our mall. After we were seated and browsing the menu, a very handsome gentleman approached our table. He said we reminded him of his mother and insisted on treating us to dinner. We thanked him, he laid down a $100 bill and disappeared. We enjoyed a great dinner and left the change ($35) for the server. We would like to thank that nice gentleman again. He made our day. -- GRATEFUL IN GEORGIA

DEAR GRATEFUL: Your letter made my day. Occasionally, I print letters about acts of kindness, and yours definitely qualifies. You and your friend were performing a good deed by taking your friend for lunch, and it was paid forward in record time. It's nice knowing there are good people out there. Thank you for sharing.

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