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by Abigail Van Buren

Long-Distance Love May Be Drifting Even Further Apart

DEAR ABBY: I am a retired male. My girlfriend is still working. We have been exclusive for three years. We live 300 miles apart, but see each other every two or three weeks for at least three days and, until now, have had a very good relationship.

The problem is, she's saying she wants to socialize with her ex-husband, who lives in her town. They have been divorced for eight years, but she wants to see him occasionally in a "social setting," not just when it pertains to their two adult children, who live out of state.

I understand that they need to have a relationship because of their family, but I have trouble accepting their getting together to socialize. She has removed pictures of me from her Facebook so as not to offend the ex and banned me from her son's wedding. She has told me she doesn't want me to attend any future family events where the ex is present. Am I being unreasonable or immature in not accepting this situation? -- READY TO JUMP SHIP

DEAR READY: You are neither immature nor unreasonable. It would be interesting to know your girlfriend's definition of "getting together" because it may involve more than being in a social setting. That she has removed images of you from her Facebook and no longer wants you to attend family celebrations tells me, as it should you, that more may be going on with her ex than she has told you (yet). I'm sorry, but I suggest you prepare yourself for some worse news, because it appears to me your romance is heading south.

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