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by Abigail Van Buren

Pets Frightened by Fireworks Need Extra Attention When Outside

DEAR ABBY: Every year in my neighborhood, "lost dog" signs appear the day after the Fourth of July. Would you please print a reminder to dog owners that noise from fireworks can cause pets to become so frightened they bolt from home and become lost. Keep your pets inside anytime you can hear fireworks.

On the Fourth, which is noisy all day, when my dogs have to go out, I go out with them (even though I have a fenced yard). I want to be able to see them every second. Better safe than sorry. -- PET LOVER IN BARNHART, MISSOURI

DEAR PET LOVER: I'm sure my readers will be grateful for your timely reminder. And while we're on the subject of lost pets, this would be a good time to ensure that your dog (or cat) is properly identified with a microchip or ID tag in case it does manage to get away from you.

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